What is the VoIP Call? 

VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a relatively new telephony system.  The system is based on Internet technologies.  A VOIP call is voice communication over an IP network. For a VoIP call, the caller has either a softphone or IP phone for dialing a number. 

For a softphone, a user has to install a software client on the mobile phone or PC and set up the VoIP account on the phone for receiving and initiating calls over the IP network. A softphone is a dedicated device that connects over internet lines for voice calls and has all software necessary for calls.

Benefits of a VoIP call:

We all are using VoIP in some form. Either it is a skype call or from any other application.  But a VoIP phone works as a normal phone. It has a number that can be reached from any corner of the globe.  There are many advantages, few are listed below.

Low-cost call:

Mainly when we talk about long-distance calling, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of international calls. A VoIP user mainly pays for the internet. This brings the call cost dramatically low.

Reduces Roaming Cost:

When a phone comes into roaming, then call rates changes. For international roaming, the cost increases a lot.  This is because roaming agreements between the mobile operators and network providers change from county to country. With VoIP, a mobile device can use the free internet connection over WiFi.  As we know that in most places, Airports, Hotels, etc, free wifi is available.  A VoIP user can easily connect to the internet for voice communication.

Increased Coverage :

Cell phone towers are everywhere.  A phone with VoIP capability can use the cellular tower when in range of a telecom network or a WiFi network (if available) when there is no telecom cell coverage.  This enables a much broader coverage to a mobile subscriber for VoIP calls.

VoIP Disadvantages:

VoIP might not be allowed at all places. This is because of security reasons.  VoIP does not use the telecom network as a normal call does.  So the local mobile operators can not keep track of calls. Which may be a major security threat.

VoIP is not beneficial for a mobile subscriber, who is allowed to use very little mobile data or the internet.