What is VoLTE’s full form?

The VoLTE full form is Voice over LTE. Voice is an essential service from a telecom operator. In VoLTE full form tutorial we will discuss how the VoLTE is different from the previous voice networks (2G and 3G)?

The earlier network generations (3G and 2G ), have separate core networks for data and voice.3G/2G has a packet core network for data and another circuit core network for voice. SGSN and GGSN are in the data core network while the voice core network has nodes VLR, MSC, and GMSC. For voice, there are dedicated circuits for carrying voice packets.

LTE is the data-only network, which means there is no separate core network for data and voice. Only one network serves the purpose of Internet and Voice calls. On the roaming side, there is a single node which is called Mobile Management Entity (MME).  The mobile phone uses MME for both voice and data both. This is unlike the previous generation networks.

As VoLTE’s full form says, it uses the LTE network for Voice. LTE is a packet-based network. So the call is the VoIP Call. A VoIP uses the internet for sending voice packets, over a virtual path.

When there is no VoLTE, the core network falls back on the 3G or 2G network for a voice call.  The voice call uses SS7, which is a circuit-switched network.  After the voice session, the phone again switches back to the 4G network.