hybrid topology

What is Hybrid Topology in computer networks? The network topology is a logical and physical arrangement of the connected computers or devices.  There are five basic types of network topologies we have described. As the name suggests, the hybrid topology is the combination of one or more basic network topologies.  While planning for hybrid topology, …

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git stash command

GIT stash command In this tutorial, we will describe the git stash command. Git stash command is very useful when you have changes that are not ready to commit.  The situation may be that you have done some code changes and wan to switch from where you have started.  You can do stash the changes …

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guti in lte

What is GUTI in LTE? The GUTI full form is Globally Unique Temporary ID.  In the first initial attach request, a UE sends the IMSI.  After the attach request the MME does an Autejhjtication and location update with the US and HSS.  If authentication and location update is successful. MME allocated the GUTI.  The GUTI is stored …

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