Layer 7 OSI Model – Application Layer.


The 7th layer in the OSI model is the application layer.   The application layer interacts the lower layer which os the presentation layer.  The user of the application layer is the software or application that implements a service or software.  For example, if we talk about the web service. Then HTTP is an application layer protocol.  HTTP works in a client-server model.

The web-browser and webserver are examples of the users of the Application layer.   But in case of HTTP. the OSI model is not followed completely.  Ther are no session and presentation layers below the HTTP.

If we want to understand the application layer then we need to understand the protocol examples.  Below is a list of examples.

Application layer example protocols :

Protocol Meaning
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol
SSMS Secure SMS Messaging Protocol
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol
SMB Server Message Block
DeviceNet automation industry protocol
CoAP Constrained Application Protocol
DDS Data Distribution Service
eDonkey classic file sharing protocol
FastTrack filesharing, known from KaZaa and more
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
H.323 Packet-Based Multimedia Communications System
IRCP Internet Relay Chat Protocol
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
MIME (S-MIME) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and Secure MIME
NIS Network Information Service
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RTP Real-time Transport Protocol
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SSH Secure Shell



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