tcp flow control

 What is TCP flow control Before discussing what TCP flow control is, we will describe what is flow control in computer networks.  When two hosts communicate with each other, one sends packets and other receives.  Both may have different hosting hardware, software design, and processing speed.  When the receiver is fast enough to process a …

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aaa server

What is an AAA server?  AAA means Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting.  The AAA server is very common in diameter protocol. A client can contact the AAA server for accessing a resource.  Authentication means a user or client sends an authentication request with credentials.  The credentials can be a simple user name and password. If the …

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smpp message id

What is SMPP message id? In an earlier tutorial, we have described the SMPP protocol.  SMPP uses to submit a short message to the SMSC and gets an asynchronous delivery report. The SMPP message-id correlates the SMPP message and delivery report. How all this works, we will explain here. SMPP Bind: When an external short …

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meid number

What is the MEID  number? MEID vs IMEI? The MEID full form is the Mobile Equipment Identifier.  It is similar to the IMEI number but with hexadecimal digits. Hexadecimal digit means each digit will be of 4 bits value.  The format is defined in the  3GPP2 report S.R0048.   MEID Vs IMEI number? Both serve the …

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git resolve conflicts

How to resolve conflicts in git?  GIT is a powerful version control system. During code development, merging is an unavoided process.  A git automatic merge may have conflicts.  In this tutorial, we will discuss how to resolve conflicts in git. What we will cover in git resolve conflicts? What is the merge in git? What is …

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csma protocol

What is CSMA Protocol? The CSMA full form is carrier sense multiple access. CSMA is the MAC layer protocol in a computer network (as per OSI Model) for accessing a shared communication channel. e.g a LAN. In another tutorial, we have described another common channel access protocol, Aloha. CAMA is different in a way it …

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