starting with git

Starting with GIT using GitHub | Create a new repository.| What is GitHub? Already decided that you want to use the git, a new or an existing project. Where (on git server) to put the project repository? So that there can be secure access to the developers or contributors.  There are various options for a git …

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star topology

Explaining Star Topology – Computer Network. The star topology is a network topology for a Local Area Network (LAN) that connects all devices via a central device.  The central device can be a HUB or Switch.  If the central connection fails, all communication fails, the biggest drawback of the star network connection.  On advantage side …

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sip protocol fundamentals

SIP Protocol Fundamentals | SIP and VoIP SIP full form is Session Initiation Protocol. A signaling protocol, broadly used for establishing, connecting, and disconnecting communication paths, sometimes voice or video calls over the Internet Protocol.  SIP is a standardized protocol with its foundation coming from the IP neighborhood and typically makes use of UDP or TCP.  The specification is given …

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