ussd in lte

USSD In LTE  LTE comes under the fourth generation of mobile communication. Provides much higher speed than its previous generation which is 3G.  LTE is the data only network. USSD service will be available on LTE too. On LTE all services will be on data network. This will be after full implementation of IMS. IMS …

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        M3UA protocol tutorial We have got an understanding of SIGTRAN.  Sigtran has an M3UA adaptation layer for sending and receiving ss7 messages over the IP network.  There are multiple adaptation layers, each has its own purpose. M3ua is the most used layer. It works at the network layer level as per …

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How to user Tshark Command capture? Learn with examples.  Tshark is a command-line packet capture tool or program available on both Windows and Linux.  Wireshark is another packet capturing tool, which has a GUI option to analyze the network captures.  With Tshark we can captured bytes over a computer network and displays the capture on-screen …

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tcpdump command

Tcpdump command While learning the protocols, it is also essential to have a tool to capture the network packets on the wire.  Tcpdump is a tool or command on Linux,  for capturing network packets on the IP interface.  This works over network interfaces and captures packets at the data link layer level. A computer may …

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SGSN or Serving GPRS supported node  SGSN full form is, Serving GPRS support node. When a mobile subscriber roams from one location to another.  The VLR and SGSN in the roaming network keep changing. At what distance the roaming nodes will change, depends on the area covered by each node. The VLR is used for …

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