git merge branch

Git Merge branch to Master and Another branch To make a source code development in parallel. Git provides a way to create branches from the master or another branch.  Once development completes, there is a need to merge branches in another branch. This git tutorial describes, how we can merge a git branch into master …

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LTE ENodeB or  Evolved Node B  LTE eNodeB is the component in LTE Radio Access Network(RAN). The eNodeB full form is Evolved NodeB. The predecessor UTRAN, have NodeB which connects to the core network via RNC and in GSM its similar to BTS. While eNodeB connects to the core network directly. In the core network, it …

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sip trunking vs pri

Sip Trunking vs PRI – Differences  Before discussing sip trunking vs PRI, we must understand that SIP trunking uses VoIP while PRI is for traditional PSTN.  PRI lines were introduced after analog lines. With PRI, one can make multiple calls, as a contrast to the analog line. With SIP trunking virtually there is no limit. The …

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subnetting explained

Subnetting Explained  with an Example Subnetting is the concept of dividing bigger network IP address space into smaller independent address groups.  Each group has a separate network id. Subnetting creates two or more separate broadcast network. Which reduces network load and provides more security to the network users. Subnetting example: For example, if a LAN …

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