SS7 Protocol | Ss7 Protocol Tutorial

What is SS7 protocol? SS7 protocol or signaling system 7,  is the legacy protocol used by the Traditional or legacy telephony system. SS7 standards defined by the standard body ITU-T(International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector ).  E1 or T1 cables are used in ss7 for physical connections. An E1 having 32-time slots and T1 have 24-time slots, …

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git branch

Branch management in git. Learn how to create, delete, and list branches. Why do we need branching? Every software development group has a mainline of code or a master branch. There are always chances that a new feature should be done and commit to the repository without disturbing the mainline. In git, after creating a …

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node js

ain What is node js or node js tutorial : Node js is a compelling platform for developing I/O intensive web applications. Most web applications need to handle a very high volume of concurrent requests. Node js tutorial explains what node js and installation of node js on windows and Linux is. The use of …

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git init

Create a new Repository with Git Init  Before starting any code development, you may need a new repository to track and collaborate with the development. Here comes the command git init. It is an initial command from the list of git commands. This tutorial includes how to create a git repository using the Linux command line …

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git commit

Save Changes with GIT commit command | Commits for New, Modified, and Multiple Files. Git commit is a necessary and essential command to work with a repository. Commit means in version control is to update the repository for changes you have done on a local copy. So, others have access to new features.  In a …

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