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smpp message id

What is SMPP message id? In an earlier tutorial, we have described the SMPP protocol.  SMPP uses to submit a short message to the SMSC and gets an asynchronous delivery report. The SMPP message-id correlates the SMPP message and delivery report. How all this works, we will explain here. SMPP Bind: When an external short …

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SMPP Protocol – SMPP Client – SMPP server SMPP or Short Message Peer to Peer protocol is an open standard protocol that uses TCP/IP protocol for transport of protocol messages. Earlier to SMPP, ss7 was the standard protocol for messaging over the GSM network.  USSD and SMS both can use SMPP. A messaging application can …

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what is sms

What is SMS, full form, SMS protocol tutorial:  The full form of SMS is the Short Message Service. SMS is basic which all GSM mobile operators provide. Service enables a subscriber to send and receive text using a mobile phone with an active SIM. The sender/receiver may be another mobile subscriber or an application. We …

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hlr lookup

What is the HLR lookup – VLR lookup – MCC MNC lookup?  HLR lookup is also known as phone number lookup. The HLR lookup returns the roaming and mobile operator information. The roaming information includes the roaming network and operator information in IMSI. While The mobile number is the MSISDN or Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number. …

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