computer network

csma protocol

What is CSMA Protocol? The CSMA full form is carrier sense multiple access. CSMA is the MAC layer protocol in a computer network (as per OSI Model) for accessing a shared communication channel. e.g a LAN. In another tutorial, we have described another common channel access protocol, Aloha. CAMA is different in a way it …

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aloha protocol

What is Aloha protocol – Pure Aloha – Slotted Aloha?  In a computer network, there is a need for access to the common shared medium.  Aloha protocol is for a medium access control mechanism, for shared channel or medium. For example, LAN connects multiple computers over a shared physical medium, which in LAN wires, hubs, …

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subnetting explained

Subnetting and Subnet Mask Explained with Examples.  The subnetting in the computer network divides a bigger network IP address space into smaller independent address spaces.  Using subnetting, the same group of connected computers can work as independent two or more networks.  Each group has a separate network id. A subnet mask is the value for getting …

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