Diameter Protocol

aaa server

What is an AAA server?  AAA means Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting.  The AAA server is very common in diameter protocol. A client can contact the AAA server for accessing a resource.  Authentication means a user or client sends an authentication request with credentials.  The credentials can be a simple user name and password. If the …

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gy interface

Diameter Gy Interface Gy is another diameter interface between PCEF and OCS  having application id  14 for a charging application. So first we will understand what is PCEF and OCS.  PCEF’s full form is Policy and Charging Enforcement Function. This component is located inside GGSN or PGW. Gy interface is for online charging.  For policy, …

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swx interface

Diameter SWx Interface  The SWx interface is a diameter protocol based interface between the AAA server and HSS.  AAA means Authentication, Authorization, and accounting. The standard protocol is defined in 3GPP Spec.   This interface is used when UE does non-3GPP access. We have discussed in the s6a interface that MME is the node in EPC which …

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s6a interface

s6a interface The Diameter base protocol provides basic transport for diameter messages. There are many applications defined by 3GPP for telecom communications. Applications are also called diameter interfaces. The s6a and S6d are two examples of diameter interfaces. The s6a interface is between MME and HSS in the LTE network and s6d is between SGSN …

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Diameter Protocol

Diameter protocol : What is Diameter protocol: Diameter protocol is an application layer protocol that uses the services of the IP networks via TCP or SCTP. It provides support for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting or AAA. Earlier to Diameter, the radius was the protocol that was providing AAA. Diameter base protocol defined in RFC 6733 …

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