git stash command

GIT stash command In this tutorial, we will describe the git stash command. Git stash command is very useful when you have changes that are not ready to commit.  The situation may be that you have done some code changes and wan to switch from where you have started.  You can do stash the changes …

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git resolve conflicts

How to resolve conflicts in git?  GIT is a powerful version control system. During code development, merging is an unavoided process.  A git automatic merge may have conflicts.  In this tutorial, we will discuss how to resolve conflicts in git. What we will cover in git resolve conflicts? What is the merge in git? What is …

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git merge branch

Git Merge branch to Master and Another branch To make a source code development in parallel. Git provides a way to create branches from the master or another branch.  Once development completes, there is a need to merge branches in another branch. This git tutorial describes, how we can merge a git branch into master …

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git branch

git branch tutorial – delete branch – create a branch –  list git branch command is one the command from a set of git commands, git provides this command for branch management. Management means creating a new branch, delete a branch, list, etc. We assume that we have created a repository using git init and have …

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git init

What is git init command- git init bare? Git init command creates a new git repository. It is an initial command from the list of git commands.  This tutorial includes, how to create a git repository in git using Linux. Examples in this tutorial are based on CentOs and assume that git is already installed …

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