git branch

git branch git branch command , is one the command from set of git commands, git provides this command for branch management. Management means creating a new branch, deleting a branch, merging branches, switch branch etc. We assumes that we have created a repository using git init and have master branch to work with. Why branching …

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git init

What is git init command ? Git init command creates a new git repository. It is initial command from the list of git commands.  This tutorial includes , how to create git repository on linux. Example in this tutorial are based on CentOs  and git is already installed on the machine. Type of git repository? …

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git commit

git commit command is the subset of git commands. Commit in subversion control means, that update the repository with changes you have done on local copy. So that other have access to the changes/features.  In case of git, the commit command updates the local cloned copy of the repository, later git push command , updates …

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