m2pa vs m3ua

M2pa vs M3ua M2PA is a sigtran layer. In another article we have discussed about the Sigtran with a detail example of m3ua.  In this tutorial we will discuss about another layer m2pa. Along with m2pa , we will also discuss about the comparison with M3UA.  Before starting discussion about m2pa vs m3ua , lets …

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what is sftp

What is sftp ? The full form of SFTP is secure file transfer protocol. It is also named as SSH FTP. SSH is for secure connection and FTP is for file transfer protocol. This clearly says that two protocols works together to transfer a file between two computers connected via IP network.  According to the …

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tcpdump cheat sheet

Tcpdump cheat sheet In another post we have explained the tcpdump command as its various usage.  Tcpdump cheat sheet is the quick reference for taking captures with different filters.  The examples are short and easy to understand. Each cheat sheet command have detail example. Capture tcpdump ICMP: Icmp (Internet control message protocol ), is quite …

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