sv interface

Sv Interface  The SV interface is another network interface in the LTE network.  Sv interface is between the MME and MSC or between SGSN and MSC.  The specification is in the document. The network can support SRVCC, only if there is Sv interface.  This is a new interface to support SRVCC. Protocol Specification for Sv …

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slg and slh interface

SLG Interface and SLh Interface – Diameter Protocol- LTE Both are 3GPP interfaces in the LTE network. SLG interface is between GMLC and MME, and the SLh interface is between HSS and GMLC for providing location-based services in LTE(4G). Similar to other LTE interfaces, the Diameter protocol provides transport for SLG and SLh interface messages. …

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tcpdump cheat sheet

Tcpdump cheat sheet In another post, we have explained the Tcpdump command and its various usage.  The Tcpdump cheat sheet is the quick reference for taking captures with different filters.  The examples are short and easy to understand. Each cheat sheet command has a detailed example. Capture Tcpdump ICMP: Icmp (Internet control message protocol ), is …

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