voip call

What is the VoIP Call?  VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a relatively new telephony system.  The system is based on Internet technologies.  A VOIP call is voice communication over an IP network. For a VoIP call, the caller has either a softphone or IP phone for dialing a number.  For a soft-phone, a …

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How to user Tshark Command capture? Learn with examples.  Tshark is a command-line packet capture tool or program available on both Windows and Linux.  Wireshark is another packet capturing tool, which has a GUI option to analyze the network captures.  With Tshark we can captured bytes over a computer network and displays the capture on-screen …

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tcpdump command

Tcpdump command While learning the protocols, it is also essential to have a tool to capture the network packets on the wire.  Tcpdump is a tool or command on Linux,  for capturing network packets on the IP interface.  This works over network interfaces and captures packets at the data link layer level. A computer may …

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Git Push Command Git maintains local and remote branches for a codebase. A user creates a local copy of the central repository from the remote by using the git clone command.  Upon completion of a feature or new branch, a commit updates the local repository.  Git push command sends the new changes from local to …

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