Git Push Command Git maintains local and remote branches for a codebase. A user creates a local copy of the central repository from the remote by using the git clone command.  Upon completion of a feature or new branch, a commit updates the local repository.  Git push command sends the new changes from local to …

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SCTP Protocol tutorial The Internet is an IP based network. Which exists for a long time.  A node in the IP network has a unique IP address. IP protocol provides functionality for routing a message from source IP address to the destination IP address in a network. Two IP nodes may be directly reachable or …

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imei tracker

IMEI Tracker What is tracking? Tracking means get the current location of a roaming device. And IMEI tracker is a method where the device current location can be found based on IMEI Number. IMEI tracker can be used in multiple ways.  The method depends on mobile phone type, OS type, and software installed in a …

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how to get imei number

How to get IMEI Number?  Every device has a unique hardware identity called IMEI. IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is required in case of mobile phone is stolen or lost. With the IMEI number, the mobile operator can block or trace the device. Most of us don’t bother to have an IMEI …

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