m2pa vs m3ua

M2pa vs M3ua M2PA is a Sigtran layer. In another article, we have discussed the Sigtran with a detailed example of m3ua.  In this tutorial, we will discuss another layer M2pa. Along with m2pa, we will also discuss the comparison with M3UA.  Before starting a discussion about m2pa vs m3ua, let’s have an introduction about …

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sigtran vs sip

Sigtran vs sip In this post, we will explain Sigtran vs SIP. Sigtran also uses an IP network for message exchange and SIP also uses an IP network.  But there are major differences.  The Sigtran is ss7 messages over the IP network while SIP is a completely different protocol used in VoIP.  Any roaming or …

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        M3UA protocol tutorial We have got an understanding of SIGTRAN.  Sigtran has an M3UA adaptation layer for sending and receiving ss7 messages over the IP network.  There are multiple adaptation layers, each has its own purpose. M3ua is the most used layer. It works at the network layer level as per …

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Sigtran Protocol Sigtran is the traditional ss7 signaling over IP network.  The protocol standard is defined in IETF spec. The SS7 network is fast and reliable and it is a circuit-switched network. Having dedicated resources for a voice call. It has links, which act as a stream of messages. This makes multiple streams to work in …

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