tcp ip

tcp sequence number

What is TCP sequence number and use  Before starting anything about tcp sequence numbering mechanism, we must understand the two main functionalities of TCP protocol.  TCP is an example of transport layer protocol as per OSI model. TCP provides reliable and sequence delivery of messages in each direction.  Reliable means no packet loss and sequence delivery …

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what is sftp

What is sftp ? The full form of SFTP is secure file transfer protocol. It is also named as SSH FTP. SSH is for secure connection and FTP is for file transfer protocol. This clearly says that two protocols works together to transfer a file between two computers connected via IP network.  According to the …

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TCP Three Way Handshake

tcp three way handshake

 What is TCP three way handshake?  We know that TCP is one of the implementation example of transport layer protocol according to the OSI model. The protocol is connection oriented, means before sending any data to the remote peer, tcp client setup a virtual connection over packet based underlying IP network.  Three way handshake is the …

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