What is MME In LTE?  The MME is full form is the Mobile Management Entity. MME is the network node in the LTE-EPC network on the roaming network. MME connects to the UE via eNodeB. Towards the core network, MME connects on various protocols. All connectivity over the wire. In this tutorial, we will explain …

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meid number

What is the MEID  number? MEID vs IMEI? The MEID full form is the Mobile Equipment Identifier.  It is similar to the IMEI number but with hexadecimal digits. Hexadecimal digit means each digit will be of 4 bits value.  The format is defined in the  3GPP2 report S.R0048.   MEID Vs IMEI number? Both serve the …

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gmlc and smlc

What is GMLC and SMLC in telecom Gateway Mobile Location Center(GMLC) and Serving Mobile Location Center(SMLC) are two GSM nodes for location-based services (LBS).  LBS opens new revenue streams for mobile operators and service providers. Basic GSM network for voice and data can deliver, location information, but that lacks accuracy. Accuracy means, the network operator …

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auc in gsm

AUC in GSM, 2G, 3G and LTE authentication Each mobile device has a sim card in telecom, which authenticates from a mobile operator of sim provider, before any voice, SMS or data services. Why we need Auc in GSM, as the network is owned by mobile operators, so all communication must be safe? We need …

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What is femtocell

What is femtocell? As with the growing need to get connected all the time increasing. This results in the femtocell. A femtocell is a small device that is installed inside a premise. Maybe it is in office or home that gives more coverage to the mobile operator and better voice quality to a subscriber. It …

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what is esim

What is eSIM and how it works? ESIM stands for the embedded sim. It is also called eUICC (embedded Universal Circuit Card). The new iPhone models include eSIM support as a substitute for a second SIM. The regular SIM is a small external electronic chip that stores the subscription profile for a mobile subscriber.  The profile …

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