What is MNP or Mobile Number Portability? MNP is a feature or service to a mobile subscriber, by which a mobile subscriber can change a serving mobile operator,  without changing mobile number or MSISDN.  The full form of MNP is mobile number portability. Before MNP, if a subscriber wants to use the services of another …

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What is MSRN? The full form of MSRN is a mobile subscriber roaming number.  This is an E.164 type of number according to telecom standards. The roaming network allocates a roaming for an incoming call to the called subscriber. The allocated number is MSRN. A mobile network operator reserves a range of numbers for roaming …

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what is sftp

What is SFTP? The full form of SFTP is the Secure file transfer protocol. It is also named as SSH FTP. SSH is for secure connection and FTP is for file transfer protocol. This clearly says that two protocols work together to transfer a file between two computers connected via an IP network.  According to …

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voip call

What is the VoIP Call?  VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a relatively new telephony system.  The system is based on Internet technologies.  A VOIP call is voice communication over an IP network. For a VoIP call, the caller has either a softphone or IP phone for dialing a number.  For a soft-phone, a …

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PLMN    The PLMN full form is the public land mobile network.  Is the area of land covered by a mobile operator for voice and data services to a mobile subscriber using a SIM card.  A PLMN connects to other PLMNs for providing inter operators roaming services. Identified by the Mobile Country Code (MCC ) and …

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