sip protocol fundamentals

SIP Protocol Fundamentals | SIP and VoIP SIP full form is Session Initiation Protocol. A signaling protocol, broadly used for establishing, connecting, and disconnecting communication paths, sometimes voice or video calls over the Internet Protocol.  SIP is a standardized protocol with its foundation coming from the IP neighborhood and typically makes use of UDP or TCP.  The specification is given …

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sip trunking vs pri

Sip Trunking vs PRI – Differences  Before discussing sip trunking vs PRI, we must understand that SIP trunking uses VoIP while PRI is for traditional PSTN.  PRI lines were introduced after analog lines. With PRI, one can make multiple calls, as a contrast to the analog line. With SIP trunking virtually there is no limit. The …

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what is mgcp protocol

What is MGCP Protocol? The MGCP full form is the Media Gateway Control Protocol. To understand the MGCP protocol. In this tutorial, first, we will describe the signaling and media paths in a call.  MGCP protocol provides specifications to control the media gateway. Next comes in mind, what is media gateway and who controls it? …

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sip trunking

What is SIP trunking? What is trunk- Sip Trunking Vs. VOIP? Sip Trunking SIP trunking is a new and convenient method of communication using VOIP for a large concurrent call volume. A PBX connects to a SIP trunking provider over the internet. The IP phones connect to the PBX for receiving and sending calls from/to …

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voip call

What is the VoIP Call?  VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a relatively new telephony system.  The system is based on Internet technologies.  A VOIP call is voice communication over an IP network. For a VoIP call, the caller has either a softphone or IP phone for dialing a number.  For a soft-phone, a …

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