ivr full form

Ivr full form

IVR’s full form is an interactive voice response. This a computer system that interacts with humans over a voice call.  Ivr saves lots of human efforts. From IVR full form, we can see that it is an interactive system so that it plays sound and collect inputs based on options chosen by the caller.  All communication is real-time. If a mobile user does not provide the required inputs on time, IVR disconnects the call.

When a user dials a customer care number. The first call reaches the IVR. IVR responds to the call and plays the voice menu. The mobile user selects the menu option. The option reaches the IVR via DTMF digits.  IVR may further connect to the operator.

Ivr for call centre:

The call centre is a very good usage example for IVR. A call canter has many executives for handling the calls from customers.  IVR is deployed along with the PBX. Telephone lines connect to IVR from the telephone exchange. When someone dials a customer care number. IVR gets activated and takes the inputs from the caller.  Inputs can be caller details e.g phone number etc or options for query e.g balance checks. It saves lots of time for serving a customer and the call reaches the suitable call centre executive.

Traditional IVR is deployed in call centre premises.  But with the evolution of VoIP, there are companies providing hosted IVR/PBX. This saves a lot of costs for small companies.  With cloud-based or hosted IVR, the company has to pay for the usage. So the initial setup cost is very low and the solution is scalable.