what is full form of computer

What is the full form of computer?

We have all been using a computer for a long time. But might not have the idea of the full form of computer. In this tutorial, we will cover what computer means and the full forms of all computer-related terms.  The computer is built with many components each having its own dedicated functions.

Full form of computer: 

The computer means, Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research.  This means a computer is a machine, which provides automatic processing of technology and research.  Now we will describe two things. What is technology and what is educational research?

Technology is the commercial use of science.  For example, science developed protocols for communications. You can say the OSI model. The communication network can be a telecom network or the internet.  The protocols are developed by the programming languages and run on a computer with an operating system.   Here programming languages, operating systems, and computer hardware are the technologies.

Computer and Educational Research: Computer is used, to process complex algorithms in very little time.  For example, an algorithm may take lots of time to conclude. But with the computer, it can be in minutes.

Full form of computer-related terms

CPU: Central Processing Unit. Process the instructions of a program.

RAM: Random Access Memory. It is the primary memory that is volatile in nature. It holds the run-time instructions of a computer program.

HDD: Hard disk drive. Permanent memory holds the files and folders.

BIOS: Input-output system.

ISP: Internet Service provider.

CD: Compact Disk, permanent storage. But external to the computer.

LCD: Liquid Crystal display.  Or call it monitor.

BIT: Minimum unit in a computer.

Byte: Set of 8 bits.

KB: KiloBytes. One KB=1024 Byte.

MB: MegaBytes. One MB= 1024 KB.

GB: Giga Bytes. One GB=1024 MB.

TB: Terra Bytes. One TB=1024 TB.

PB: Peta Bytes, One PB = 1024 TB.

EB: Exa Byte. One EB = 1024 PB.

ZB: Zetta Byte : One ZB = 1025 EB.

I/O: Input-Output.

UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Till now we have learned what is computer in full form and related terms of the computer.