whats is lte full form

What is LTE full form 

The LTE full form is Long Term Evolution. The standards for LTE are developed by 3GPP. It is the data-only network.  As the full form says,  its long term, so it is the network which is not exactly meeting the 4G network requirements but moving to achieve the goal of 4G network.  LTE is the data-only network.  Unlike in 3G, Where data and voice are on separate networks. The  LTE is a data-only network. For voice ( if there is no VoLTE), the UE falls back on 3G network.

LTE provides much higher speed than 3G, its more than ten times. LTE full form is not easy to remember, so most of the time LTE abbreviation is used by mobile users, not its full form. The higher speed make is as preferred network for smartphones. LTE enabled smartphone can use apps that need the high speed of data, this includes apps for VoIP calling, texting apps etc.  Full form always important for remembering the meaning.