How to get IMEI Number? 

Every device has a unique hardware identity called IMEI. IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is required in case of mobile phone is stolen or lost. With the IMEI number, the mobile operator can block or trace the device. Most of us don’t bother to have an IMEI number with us, till the phone is with us. Here are a few ways by which one can get the IMEI number of his device.

From Device Packing:

The IMEI number is printed on the packing box of the device. When the phone is not with you, you can get information from the box.  It is a 15 digit number so easy to locate.

From the Google dashboard:

If you are using android OS in your device, Google can keep track of the device in the Google dashboard. You can get an IMEI number by login to the Google dashboard.

From Itunes:

Itunes is for apple devices. By going into preferences the device information can be obtained.

 From device directly:

If code *#06# is dialed from the device, the IMEI number is displayed on the screen. This number can be noted down in an email or some other place. So that IMEI detail can be obtained if a phone is stolen or lost.

The IMEI information might be printed on the backside of a device (e.g apple 5, 5c). The information can also be printed where the battery is inserted.

For android devices, the IMEI number can be found in settings. Go to settings->about->status->imei. On the iPhone, the IMEI can get from settings. The number can be printed from other places inside the phone e.g battery area.

Track mobile from IMEI or device information:

After login to the google dashboard, there is an option to locate the device.

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