What is iccid ?

Iccid full form is integrated circuit card identifier, ICCID can be maximum of 22 digits long.  In gsm network, a sim card have unique identifier . It is printed on sim card and also stored inside. Its technical specifications are in ITU-T recommendation E.118 as the Primary Account Number.   IMSI, is also a unique global identity. But with the feature of multi imsi and changing imsi over the air, it is more accurately defines a physical sim card number.  A mobile operator stores the sim card information in HLR , based on IMSI, MSISDN and ICCID.  The each digit of this number have a meaning which defines the purpose of sim card.

ICCID format : 

This long number is unique globally. From number the full details of card issuer can be obtained.  To achieve uniqueness, it follows a hierarchical structure. ICCID = "Industry Code + Country Code + Issuer Code + other information" . The ISO has been published the Industry codes for numbers. Following is the list of code according to source.

Industry Code
ISO and Other Industry 0
Airlines 1
Financial 2
Travel 3

How to find ICCID Number:

While using a mobile phone, no one cares what is the ICCID number. Even the mobile operators too.  But mobile operators have list of all sim card numbers assigned to them, each number is mapped to the IMSI. So that anytime they can get SIM information from IMSI.  ICCID number is not transferred in any message from handset to the network and vice versa, while IMSI and IMEI does. E.g in location update , IMSI and IMEI numbers are sent to the VLR or SGSN, but no sim number information.

As sim number is printed on sim card, one can take picture of sim or can note down sim card number.  There are also other ways to get ICCID , when phone is switch one with sim card.

Get on iphone:

  1. Go to settings
  2. General Tab
  3. About
  4. Now you can scroll down and see ICCID.

Find on android:

Its not necessary all android phones have this information to the mobile user available. In that case remove the sim card and note down the number. Following are the steps to get ICCID in android phones.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Got in about
  3. Click on IMEI,
  4. This will display either IMEI or ICCID number.

Mobile apps for ICCID:

There are third party apps developed for getting sim card number. One has to download the app from app store and can get the iccid. The advantage of app is that, you don't need to switched off mobile phone and remove the sim tray.

In iphone:

Iphone have in build app for reading the number. For that got do settings then general.  Along with other details e.g IMEI , the ICCID number will be shown.

Iccid number checker:

It  is the a long number. If one gets the number how can make sure that this is a valid number?  There is a procedure or database to get the number details. If these matches with your mobile network provider then the number is valid.  A number checker can find the mobile country code and mobile network code from sim card number.


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