What is ITSP? What do you need to become ITSP?

ITSP is a company that provides telephony over VoIP connectivity, via IP phones, IP-PBX.

ITSP stands for an Internet Telephony Service Provider. Provide calls and other services over the Internet. Before ITSP, we were using PSTN and mobile phones for communications over ISDN lines. Which uses a traditional SS7 network.

With the huge coverage of the internet and its high bandwidth. The Internet becomes a new network for voice.  An ITSP uses telephony protocols over the Internet to facilitate VoIP.

The following are a few protocols over the IP network for VOIP.

  1. SIP, session initiation protocol.
  2. MGCP, media gateway control protocol.
  3. Megaco
  4. RTP, Real-time protocol
  5. SDP session description protocol
  6. H.323

ITSP infrastructure:


Thanks to the VOIP, for using existing IP-based infrastructure.  An ITSP uses VoIP for telephony. It requires basic hardware, a computer server, and Ethernet cards.  This is in contrast to legacy telephony(PSTN). Which uses special TDM based hardware.  The ITSP hardware includes high-performance servers, switches Etc.

  • VOIP Servers:
  • SMPP Software:
  • Web portal for plans and creating VoIP accounts.
  • Software for billing.

How to become an ITSP?

There are two main components to becoming an internet telephony service provider.  First is infrastructure, which is hardware, software, and marketing or sales, team.  Another one is to get connected to the VoIP providers.  Once you are connected to many VoIP providers over an efficient network and competitive pricing for routes and coverage.  You may then sell better-calling options for international and local calls.