What is the MEID number? Comparision with IMEI (MEID vs IMEI)?

MEID is an abbreviation for Mobile Equipment Identifier, also called an electric serial number (ESN). It is similar to the IMEI number except that it is in hexadecimal format and 14 digits long.

Each hexadecimal digit represents a four-bit value (0, 1, 2,….a,b,c,d,e,f). The format in its entirety is defined in RFC 3GPP2 report S.R0048.

It is a unique 14 digits long identifier for a mobile device.

MEID Vs. IMEI number?

Both serve the same purpose, but there are a few differences. Here, we will describe each one in detail.

  • IMEI is for GSM, while MEID is for CDMA mobile devices.
  • IMEI has only numeric digits, while MEID has alphanumeric numbers. For example, IMEI is 467234556677889, and MEID is A6723D55667788C.

How can we get the MEID number?

The MEID number is not visible directly on the phone. There are a few ways to get the identifier.

From an MMI Code :

MMI code is a string a mobile phone user enters on the screen. The mobile device interprets the MMI code and displays the result on the screen. A mobile user must dial the *#06# on the screen to obtain a MEID. If the device is CDMA, the MEID will be returned; otherwise, the IMEI will be returned.

Find MEID From device Itself :

When a device is manufactured, the manufacturer prints the MEID number on the device. The number can be found on the device’s back or the battery’s backside. To inspect the battery’s backside, turn off the device and remove the battery. There is a MEID number visible there.

How to get MEID on iPhone?

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system powers its smart iPhone devices. The iPhone interfaces with the phone’s internals via a rich graphical user interface. To obtain the MEID on an iPhone, a mobile user must perform the following steps in sequence.

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to General
  • Click on About
  • Scroll down to get the MEID number on the CDMA device.

How to get MEID on Android?

Android is another operating system for smartphones from Google. The following are sequential steps to get the MEID on CDMA phones.

  • Click on the settings icon on the screen.
  • Go it the About phone.
  • Scroll for the MEID number.

MEID from device packing :

On purchasing a phone, phone packing or phone box may contain the MEID number. So it is always advisable to keep the phone packing safe while using the phone. This is the only way to get the MEID number when a phone is lost. Apart from this, even if the MEID is not there, there is a bar code or serial number from the device manufacturer. From the bar code, it is always possible for the manufacturer to obtain the MEID of a CDMA device.