Learn what network topology is and its types in the Computer Network.

Types of Network Topology

In a computer network, the computing devices connect to each other over a shared or dedicated medium. The network topology is the way devices connect. E.g., a device may connect to another via a direct LAN cable or via another intermediate device, such as a router, hub, etc.

In this tutorial, we will describe each network topology and its types. There are five types of network topology. Any other type is derived from the basic five types, e.g., hybrid network topology type.

Each type will cover the basic information regarding each topology. In a computer network, there can be five different basic types of how a group of computers connects. Following is the description of each type.

Bus Topology:

Bus Network Topology

This is the most simple and basic type of network topology to connect multiple computers to each other. A bus topology has a single cable named the Backbone cable. When a computer needs to send a message to another computer. The sender places the message on the wire. Each computer reads the message. The intended recipient only processes the message.

Star network topology:

Start Network Topology

In star network topology, each device connects via a central device. The device can be a HUB, Switch, or Router.   When a device needs to send the network packet to another device, it sends the packet to the central device. That routes the message to the recipient.

Ring Network Topology :

Ring Network Topology

In-Ring network topology type. Each computer connects to other computers directly or via neighbor computers. The failure of a link between two computers breaks communication only in one direction.

Mesh Network Topology :

Mesh Network Topology Type

As the name suggests, it’s a mess of links between computers in a mesh network topology type. Each computer may connect to another computer directly or via one or more computers.

Tree Network Topology Type:

Tree Network Topology Type

In the tree type of network topology, each computer may have one root computer and one or more branch computers. Similar to a natural tree. It is a combination of bus and star topology.