network topology and its types

Learn what is network topology and its types in Computer Network.

Types of Network TopologyIn a computer network, the computing devices connected to each other over a shared or dedicated medium. The network topology is the way devices connect. E.g a device may connect to another device via a direct LAN cable of it may connect via another intermediate device.

In this tutorial, we will describe each network topology and its types. Basically there are 5 types of network topology.  Any other type is derived from the basic five types, e.g hybrid network topology type.

Each type will cover the basic information regarding each topology.  In a computer network, there can be five different basic types the way a group of computers connects to each other.  Following is the description of each type.

Bus Topology:

Bus Network Topology

This is the most simple and basic type of network topology to connect multiple computers to each other.  In a bus topology, there is a single cable name as Backbone cable. When a computer needs to send a message to another computer.  The sender places the message on the wire, each computer reads the message.  The intended recipient only processes the message.



Start network topology:

Start Network Topology

Instar network topology each device connects to each other via a central device. The device can be HUB, Switch or Router.   When a device needs to send the network packet to another device, it sends the packet to the central device. That routes message to the recipient.



Ring Network Topology :

Ring Network Topology

In-Ring network topology type. Each computer connects to other computers directly or via neighbor computers. On failure of a link between two computers, brek the communication only in one direction.




Mesh Network Topology :

Mesh Network Topology Type

As the name suggests, its a mess of links between computers. In mesh network topology type. Each computer may connect to another computer directly or via another one or more computers.

Tree Network Topology Type:


Tree Network Topology Type

In tree type of network topology, each computer may have one root computer and one or more branch computers. Similar in a natural tree. It is a combination of bus and star topology.

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