slg and slh interface

SLG Interface and SLh Interface – Diameter Protocol- LTE

Both are 3GPP interfaces in the LTE network. SLG interface is between GMLC and MME, and the SLh interface is between HSS and GMLC for providing location-based services in LTE(4G). Similar to other LTE interfaces, the Diameter protocol provides transport for SLG and SLh interface messages.

In a 3G network that uses SS7 map protocol.  In LTE we have MME in place of MSC. In 3G there is SMLC, for location calculation while in 4G there E SMLC.  A GMLC first requests the identity and roaming information over the Slg interface then sends a location request message to the MME over the SLG interface.  MME does the signalling with e SMLC for subscriber location.

SLG interface :

Slg interface does signalling between GMLC and MME for a location request. The following are the diameter protocol signalling messages.

  • Provide Subscriber Location Request – GMLC sends this message to the MME for a location query.
  • Provide Subscriber Location Response – On successful operation, have the location information.

SLH Interface:

The Sh interface is the diameter protocol interface between GMLC and MME.


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