SMSC or Short Message Service Center 

SMSC is a node located in mobile operators home network (HPLMN), provides SMS services to the mobile users.  This is a key node in the telecom network. For sending sms sim card to have a SMSC number configured. SMSC provides reliable delivery of mobile originated and mobile terminated text message. When a mobile user sends text to other mobile users. First, SMS reaches to the SMSC, this called submitting a SMS on smsc. For reaching a text to SMS from the handset, ss7 signalling is used.

Enabling SMS service:

Every service to the mobile sim card is configured in the subscriber profile on HLR. For SMS, the subscriber should be enabled for MO-SMS and MT-SMS Teleservices and there should be no barring of SMS is set.  Before allowing to send and receive a test to/from mobile, roaming network checks for the subscription for SMS service.  Roaming network downloads the subscription information at the time of location update.

SMSC functionalities:

Mobile Originated SMS :

Mobile Terminated SMS.

Store and Forward.

Priority message handling.

Message Waiting Data on HLR.

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