Explaining Star Topology in Computer Network.

The star topology is a network topology type for a Local Area Network (LAN). It connects all devices to each other via a central device. The central device can be a HUB or Switch. If the central device fails, all communication fails. It is the biggest drawback of the star network topology. 

On the advantage side over other topologies, e.g., bus, ring, etc., if a connecting cable fails, only the node that connects to the network from the cable will disconnect.

Star Topology

The central node is responsible for delivering a message to the destination node. Generally, it is a faster device, which may have its own memory and processor. 

If we talk about HUB, it is a simple broadcast device for a star topology network. Less expensive but inefficient. A switch is more expensive but an efficient option for the central device. Both work at the data link layer of the OSI Model.

A LAN may have a star and other topologies, e.g., Bus at the same time.