what is nb iot

What is NB-IoT – LPWAN, why a separate network for IoT?

The full form of NB IoT is NarrowBand Internet of things.  NB IoT is the technology to extended a device battery life and deeper coverage.  In IoT, the devices connected over the Internet, to use the Internet a device uses SIM cards.  A mobile phone is also an IoT device.

But the most important issue is the battery life for the IoT devices. If a company sells car tracking devices with a battery life of only a few days. It will be impossible to sell the devices and no one wants to charge or replace each month.

To overcome the problem GSMA standardized new technology called NB-IoT.  NB-IoT uses low power wide area network(LPWAN) technology.

What is LPWAN?

The low power wide area network(LPWAN), is a new radio type. Which provides low data transfer speed and wide coverage.  Due to lower speed, it provides a longer battery life. It is estimated that within a few years there will be billions of devices connected to the NB-IoT. So LPWAN is a suitable network for IoT devices.  The new RAT type p[rovides more extended DRX and Paging Time Window timers, as compare to EUTRAN and other RAT Types.


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