full form of url

What is the full form of URL?

The URL full form or stands for a uniform resource locator.  It is an address of a resource over the Internet or computer network. A resource is a file that has some informative content or could be a web page if using HTTP. In the following, we will understand the URL using an example of a resource over the Internet.

Internet is the global group of connected computers over underlying Internet Protocol (IP).  A file on a web server can be a resource. E.g. https://www.url-full-form.com/ is a website that is running on a public IP address. There is a file (or resource) register.html. Then the resource is https://www.url-full-form.com/register.html.  The full form of the URL says that the resource should be uniform.  A URL has the following sections.

The server address is hosting the resource. Here this www.url-full-form.com is the address of the server. Over the Internet or IP network, the address is the IP address. There is a DNS lookup that converts the alphanumeric address to the actual IP address. So after lookup, it becomes like

The transport protocol in URL:

A web request while accessing a resource uses HTTP. HTTP is an application layer protocol according to the OSI model. There is another secure variant of HTTP, which is HTTPS. Based on the protocol, TCP ports are used.

Port Number in URL:

Maybe while typing a URL in the web browser address, you never care about the TCP port number. HTTP uses default port 80. So no need to specify. If it is some other customized port (e.g. 81), the URL will be  https://www.url-full-form.com:81/register.html.

Resource: The main thing is the resource. It is the path of a file or resource.

From the above, we have explained the URL’s full form and its meaning.