full form of url

What is the full form of URL ?

The URL stands for uniform resource locator.  It is an address of a resource over internet or computer network. A resource is a file which have some informative content. Internet is the global group of connected computers which connects each other over Internet Protocol (IP).  There are computers those runs web services . E.g https://www.url-full-form.com/ is a website with is running on a public ip address. There is a file (or resource) register.html. Than the resource is https://www.url-full-form.com/register.html.  The full form of URL says that the resource should be uniform.  A url have following sections.

The server address which is hosting the resource. Here this is www.url-full-form.com is the address of server. Over internet or IP network , address is the IP address. There is DNS lookup which converts alphanumeric address to the actual IP address. So after lookup it becomes like

Transport protocol:

A web request while accessing a resource uses HTTP. HTTP is an application layer protocol according to the OSI model. There is another secure variant of HTTP , which is HTTPs. Based on the protocol , TCP ports are used.

Port Number:

May be while typing an URL in the web browser address, you never care about tcp port number . As HTTP uses default port 80. So no need to specify. If it is some other customized port (e.g 81) , the URL will be  https://www.url-full-form.com:81/register.html.

Resource: The main thing is resource. It is the path of file or resource.

From above we have explained the URL full form and its meaning.