full form of http and https

What is the full form of HTTP and HTTPS?

The HTTP full form is the hypertext transfer protocol, which works on a client-server model.  HTTP is an Application layer protocol as per the OSI model. Widely used over the internet for the worldwide web. TCP/IP is the service provider for sending an HTTP message from the client to the server and vice versa.  When an HTTP client sends a request to the server, the HTTP client first sets up a TCP connection with the server.  On the HTTP level, the connection is a session. A web browser is an example of an HTTP client. When you type a URL in the web browser. Webbrowser sends an HTTP request over TCP/IP to the webserver and receives the response.  The browser window displays the response text. The response could be a success or a failure.

HTTP full form mentions hypertext. What is hypertext? Hypertext is like normal text but links to other pages or information. An HTML page has a tag to specify the hypertext. When a user clicks on hypertext, he is moved to the new page.

What is the Full form of HTTPS? 

The HTTPS full form is the hypertext transfer protocol secure.  HTTPS is the same as HTTP, just adds a secure socket layer (SSL) of communication between TCP and HTTP.  With SSL,  each communication over the network is encrypted.  It makes a significant difference in the services over the internet. For E.g credit card payment has to be secure so that fraud can be avoided.